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When it comes to wedding party costs, things may get a bit awkward when your friends’ expectations don’t align with yours. But it’s good to give them advance notice on what expenses you will cover and what you expect from them. They did agree to the role, and being a bridesmaid is more than just standing there to look pretty on the big day. The following outlines costs you should cover and those you shouldn’t.

Bridesmaids Pay For:

Hotel & Travel: The bridesmaids are responsible for getting there. Reserving a block of hotel rooms for the wedding party and the guests at a discounted rate is helpful.

Wedding Ensemble: Choose a dress that fits everyone’s budget. Recommend shoe colors but you want them to be comfortable. Some brides choose to gift the jewelry.

Bridal Shower: Traditionally, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids are the hosts so they are expected to foot the bill. If the family is hosting or co-hosting, costs can be shared.

Bachelorette Party: The ladies are responsible for everything on this night. Even making sure to capture your most embarrassing moments.

Bride Pays For:

Floral Accessories: All bouquets should be factored into the overall floral arrangement costs.

Wedding Day Transportation: This one’s a given. You don’t want to hold up the wedding because someone is stuck in traffic. Everyone stays together.

Hair & Makeup: If you want uniformity, it’s best to have a professional staff of hair stylists and makeup artists on hand.

Accommodations the Night Before the Wedding: Typically the bride spends her last night before tying the night in a suite with all the bridesmaids. Here is when they tell you about all the embarrassing things you did at the bachelorette party.


By Courtnee James • Photo by Brooke Images

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