by Emily Bailey

Things wedding guests should already know…hopefully

Most brides fantasize about their wedding day long before there are even talks of engagement. They want everything to be perfect: the dress, the cake, the venue and even the guests. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t always work out the way it is planned.  For example, one recently married bride took to the internet to talk about her wedding day disaster. As the best man and officiant, her soon-to-be husband’s best friend derailed the ceremony by proposing to his girlfriend and announcing her pregnancy. During his toast he forgot to mention the newlyweds, getting caught up in his own exciting news, and he even asked the band for a special dance just for him and his new fiancé.  Not everyone would go that far, but even a small mistake could take away from the wedding. We asked Tanya Hendricks of Southern Charm Weddings and Events for tips on how guests can avoid becoming the cause of a wedding day disaster.

Do / Don’t

• RSVP / Assume you can bring a plus-one. “If the invite doesn’t have your children’s names, don’t bring them,” says Hendricks.

• Send a gift / Bring your gift to the reception. “At the end of the night the couple has to figure out what to do with [physical gifts], don’t bring them to the wedding,” she says.

• Dress for the hour and season of the wedding / Wear white or anything too flashy.

• Arrive at the ceremony early. / Try to find a seat until the bride has walked down the aisle if you arrived late. “If you arrive late at the ceremony, you should try and find a seat in the back and don’t make a big scene out of it.”

• Let the happy couple be the center of attention. / Propose or announce a pregnancy during the ceremony.

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