Very Font of You

by Emily Bailey

You’ve found your mate and picked a date so now it’s time to let everyone know when and where to celebrate. Invitations are a guest’s first glimpse into the wedding, which means they should reflect the occasion.

“The fonts really set the tone for the invitation. Traditional, eclectic or contemporary, they give guests an idea of what to look forward to,” says Sherri Michaelis from Pineapple Post.

Traditional or formal wedding invitations customarily have script fonts, Michaelis explains, which are usually cursive and always come with curls and tails. She suggests adding some block print in for the important information like the date, time and venue, since script font can sometimes be hard to read and too much of it can become overwhelming. While using multiple fonts can add to an invitation, be careful not to make it look cluttered.

“I think three fonts are about the most you can mix—a script, a block and a font that’s somewhere in between a script and a block with a bit of a slant.”

More contemporary invitations often go one of two ways: simplistic or whimsical. To achieve simplicity go with sleek, clean lines. For more of a whimsical feel choose a quirky font or bold colors and consider having playful accents.

If neither traditional nor modern strike your fancy, go for timeless. Combine both script and block print fonts for an eclectic look with fonts that seem wise and worldly, both of which never go out of style.

For destination weddings choose fonts that reflect the location chosen. Somewhere tropical begs for clean lines and playful colors, while somewhere cloaked with history asks for more elaborate fonts with rich colors.

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