Savored Memories

by Ali Waychoff

Saying goodbye to your wedding day blooms is more of an “I don’t” than an “I do,” especially when considering how much they may have cost. Cornelia Hollified, owner of Keepsake Floral, shares tips on how to preserve the blooms. “Most flowers are equally preservable,” she says. “There are only a few that may need to be replaced with artificial replicas.”

1. Leave Them Out To Dry  Hanging your petals upside down creates dehydrated flowers which will mold them to their natural shape. Be sure they are in a spot in the house where they aren’t too hot or too cold. Whether you decide to create a shadowbox, a trinket box or an ornament to hang year-round, you can make it your own.

2. Freeze-dry Your Flowers  Spray your flowers with starch to lock in the color and place your bouquet into a freeze-dryer which pulls out the moisture and maintains their shape. This does cost a little extra but gets your blooms looking close to how they did on your big day.

3. Press Them  With a little bit of time and muscle, this DIY project will allow you to show off your flowers in a frame forever. By picking apart your bouquet, spreading each stem out on parchment paper and placing them in a phone book with something heavy to weigh it down, you will have flat flowers within 10 days.

4. Use Epoxy Resin  Pick out your favorite spherical mold from your local craft store, fill it halfway with epoxy resin and arrange the flowers. Fill it to the top and leave it to dry. Once the mold is taken off, you can enjoy your wedding bouquet forever.

Hollifield suggests starting the preserving process as soon as possible, within the same week of the wedding is best. If that is during your honeymooning, enlist help from your maid of honor or bridesmaids.

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